Filmprogrammen 2019 RED och BLUE

Varje program har en total längd av ca 130 min. Vi har en ca 30 min lång paus inlagd och inklusive filmpresentationer, produktutlottningar kan man räkna med en kväll håller på ca 3,5 timmar. Alla filmer har engelskt tal eller är textade på engelska.

I år har vi valt ut totalt 16 av de filmer som licensierats för World Tour från festivalen i Banff. Det är ett brett program med olika aktiviteter, prisvinnare och publikfavoriter. Vi visar två helt olika program, RED och BLUE. Båda programmen har en likvärdig blandning av filmer och många väljer att gå två dagar på festivalen.

RED Program

    Rouge Elements: Corbet’s Couloir

    Anyone who has ever skied or snowboarded Jackson Hole knows just how nerve-racking it can be to send it into the infamous Corbet's Couloir, even in the best of conditions.

      The Ario dream (Edit)

      This is a gripping account of expedition-style cave exploration and at the apex are the cave divers, pushing into the unknown in deep sumps where rescue is not an option. The tension, as each diver disappears into the blackness, is genuine…

        Surviving the out back (Edit)

        Could you survive alone across hundreds of kilometres of remote outback for a whole month, trekking and sailing on a makeshift raft, with nothing but a time capsule of antique stuff from 1932? Mike wasn’t sure he could pull it off either!

          RJ Ripper

          The chaotic streets of Kathmandu may not seem like a typical breeding ground for world-class mountain bikers, but then again nothing is typical about Rajesh (RJ) Magar and his beat-up clunker.

            Liv along the way

            Ever since she first summited Mont Blanc as a teen, Liv Sansoz knew she would make her life in the mountains.

              Fast horse

              Fast horse follows the return of the Blackfoot bareback horseracing tradition in a new form: the Indian Relay.

                For the love of Mary

                When 97-year-old runner George Etzweiler dons his lucky ancient green running shorts, he's not just running to the summit of Mt. Washington, Etzweiler carries something else special with him: The memory of his late wife of 68 years.

                  Skier vs. Drone

                  It's the classic battle of man vs. machine but Olympic Bronze Medalist ski racer, Victor Muffat-Jeandet isn't worried.

                  BLUE Program

                    Far Out: Kai Jones

                    Eleven year old Kai Jones isn’t old enough to go to the movies alone or order a sandwich at the pub, but in the mountains age doesn’t matter. He is following in his family’s ski tracks… right into backflips and tricks off of cliffs


                      In a photographic niche defined by familiar angles, Ben Thouard is driven by his desire to create something original in surf photography.

                        This mountain life: Coast range traverse segment

                        A mother-daughter team set out on a six-month ski traverse in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

                          Break on through

                          Margo Hayes, a little-known 19 year old from Boulder, Colorado, she has moved to Europe to train and climb with the goal of succeeding on two of the most iconic 5.15s in France and Spain.

                            Ice & Palms

                            Bikepacking, summiting mountains and skiing some iconic lines along the way, friends Max and Jochen have one dream – 5 weeks, 1,800 km and 35,000 vertical metres self-propelled across the Alps.


                              A mountain biker has an amazing menu of rides to choose from but which will he pick?

                                The Moment (Edit)

                                In the backwoods of British Columbia, three small but dedicated crews of adventure seekers were quietly changing the course of a sport and carving theirpaths in history. The Moment captures the birth and success of the original free ride mountain bike movement.

                                  The Mirnavator

                                  Ultra-runners overcome obstacles with every stride.



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