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Banff Mountain Film Festival på Askersund outdoor 2017

Den 12-14 maj 2017 arrangeras Askersund Outdoor, en stor festival med fokus på aktiviteter för alla som gillar att vara ute. Vi finns på plats för att visa film på fredagen.

Fredagen den 12 maj kl 18.30 i Sjöängen har du möjlighet att kolla på nio filmer från världens största bergsfilmsfestival på Askersund Outdoor. Visningen presenteras av Osprey och Suunto med stöd av Sea to Summit, Scandinavian Photo, Utemagasinet, Åka Skidor samt Singletrack Nomads och arrangeras av Pathfinder Travels och Askersund Outdoor.




(2016, Canada, 5 min)
Filmmaker: Lacy Kemp (producer), Ryan Gibb (Director)
Classification: General

DreamRide 02 credit Bruno Long

Enter a dream world where the trail never ends. Where the promise of joy and freedom exist around each bend. Take a magical trip through beautiful landscapes and join us on this DreamRide, a mountain bike adventure unlike any other.


(2016, Hong Kong, 42 min)
Filmmaker: Lloyd Belcher
Classification: General

Mira 02 credit Lloyd Belcher

Growing up in a remote mountain village in Nepal, Mira always dreamed of being successful in sport despite all the challenges that she and other Nepali girls face, which has prepared her perfectly for the sport of running.

Ruin and Rose (Tour Edit)

(2016, USA, 7 min)
Filmmaker: Ben Sturgulewski
Classification: General

Ruin and Rose 05 credit Matchstick Productions

Follow these talented freeskiers as they tackle very different terrain in search of gorgeous jumps in Whistler and big lines in Alaska.


(2016, USA, 15 min)
Filmmaker: Andy Mann, Keith Ladzinski
Classification: PG – Coarse Language

With hopes of summiting the elusive Poumaka Tower, American bouldering champion, Angie Payne, leaves everything she knows behind as she ventures deep into the French Polynesian jungle with veteran climber and explorer, Mike Libecki.


The Accord

(2016, Iceland, 19 min)
Filmmaker: RC Cone
Classification: General

The Accord 01 credit The Accord

Being so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the tropical surf world hardens Iceland’s surfers to confront the the harsh reality they all must face – that old and unforgiving North Atlantic wind.

Not2Bad (Tour Edit)

(2016, Canada, 7 min)
Filmmaker: Anthill Films
Classification: TBD - expected to be General

Not2Bad 04 credit Haruki Noguchi

Anthill Films—the crew behind unReal and NotBad—bring you more wild shenanigans and unbelievable bike riding in Spain.

Doing It Scared

(2016, Australia, 11 min)
Filmmaker: Catherine Pettman
Classification: General

Doing it Scared 01 credit Matthew Newton

Eighteen years after a catastrophic accident which left him partially paralyzed, climber Paul Pritchard returns to the Totem Pole to find out if he has recovered enough to finish the climb.

Iran: A Skier’s Journey

(2016, Canada, 12 min)
Filmmaker: Jordan Manley
Classification: General

Iran A Skiers Journey 06 credit Jordan Manley

Cautioned not to travel to Iran, skiers Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots decide to go, regardless. They find comfort, bedazzlement, and a surprisingly cool ski culture.

Metronomic (Tour Edit)

(2016, France, 5 min)
Filmmaker: Vladimir Cellier
Classification: General

Metronomic 05 Metronomic

High above the Gorges du Verdon, a skillful blend of artists and high-level balancing athletes play a high energy symphony devoted to risk. It’s a hymn that melds visual performance and contemplative poetry into pure entertainment.

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