RED Filmprogram

Det är med stor glädje som vi presenterar årets två filmprogram. Här får ni se ett urval av de bästa festivalbidragen, prisvinnare och publikfavoriter från festivalen i Kanada.

Filmprogrammet RED innehåller ett urval av 9 stycken filmer från den kanadensiska festivalen. En mix av filmer med olika tema och längd. Kvällens värd presenterar festivalen och varje film, håller i produktutlottningar m.m. Halvvägs in i kvällen är det en paus på ca 20 minuter. Alla filmer har engelskt tal eller är textade på engelska.

RED Film program

9 epic mountain films


Sämi Ortlieb has quietly been producing some of the most creative segments in skiing over the past few years, taking his über-well-rounded skill set from the streets to the backcountry and everything in between. For the 2019 season he rounded up a motley crew of riders to create a segment unlike anything that’s been seen before.

2019, USA, 4 minutes
Filmmaker:Sämi Ortlieb, Josh Berman
Focus:Skiing, animation


A world class duo of wingsuit flyers attempts to complete a routine of moves meant for an altitude of 3000m from a mountainside that is half the height. The large walls that surround them on all sides and a tiny window for success make this dangerous, uncharted territory.

2021, Norway, 11 minutes
Filmmaker:Stefan Witts, Kjetil Kriken, Ingrid Spildo,
Atle Remmereit
Focus:Wingsuit flying


After an amazing ski tour at the Grand Ferrand massive in France, where you can ski through stunning rock caves, a few skiers decide to take it to the next level in a huge cave in Slovenia.

2021, Austria, 11 minutes
Filmmaker:Stefan Ager, Andreas Gumpenberger
Focus:Skiing/snowboarding and caving


Lonnie Kauk’s personal journey to honor his indigenous Yosemite roots, and to connect with his legendary father by repeating his iconic climbs

22020, USA, 33 minutes
Filmmaker:Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen, Brett Lowell, Peter Mortimer

Paus – intermission

Halvvägs har vi en paus på ca 20 minuter så du kan komma ut och hämta frisk luft, ta nåt att äta eller dricka. Ta tillfället i akt och prata med några av de utställare och partners som finns på plats


Emilie Pellerin has spent most of her adult life travelling the world and living a dirtbag life. She has honed her skills on the rock and in the process has become one of the world’s best onsight climbers and now she’s ready to put onsighting aside
and try pushing her level on her hardest trad route yet, La Zébrée, a spectacular 5.14a overhanging crack in Quebec.

2021, Canada, 14 minutes
Filmmaker:Alexa Fay, Sophie Claivaz-Loranger


Within the sport of kayaking, exists whitewater–and within that, the mysterious sect of “squirtboating”, which has been facing its slow demise since its heyday in the early 1990s.

2020, USA, 9 minutes
Filmmaker:Tommy Penick, Forest Woodward, Mark Deming, Ashley Peel
Focus:Squirt Boating (Kayaking)


Camille and Antoine, two French slackliners and alpinists have a dream, to walk between two iconic rock towers. Arves-En-Ciel tells the story of an amazing project, which required a huge team of invested people to be fulfilled.

2020, France, 17 minutes
Filmmaker:Antoine Mesnage


This is the story of Romana, who is an Austrian biologist. Insects are her passion and she takes us on a trip to discover the home of the many endemic and endangered species that live in Gesäuse National Park.

2021, Germany, 6 minutes
Filmmaker:Milo Zanecchia, Sarah Ziegler, Simon Straetker


What if you could link every powder turn, every rail, every cliff drop, every comp run and every kicker nailed into one ultimate run? Well, Markus Eder did just that in ‘The Ultimate Run’!

2021, Austria, 10 minutes
Filmmaker:Christoph Thoresen, Daniel Schiessl, Tobi Reindl

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