RED Filmprogram

Det är med stor glädje som vi presenterar årets två filmprogram. Här får ni se ett urval av de bästa festivalbidragen, prisvinnare och publikfavoriter från festivalen i Kanada.

Filmprogrammet RED innehåller ett urval av 8 stycken filmer från den kanadensiska festivalen. En mix av filmer med olika tema och längd. Kvällens värd presenterar festivalen och varje film, håller i produktutlottningar m.m. Halvvägs in i kvällen är det en paus på ca 20 minuter. Alla filmer har engelskt tal eller är textade på engelska.

RED program – 8 epic mountain stories


An ode to escape and adventure travel, Fuego is a new mountain biking masterpiece. From Guatemala to Peru via Bolivia, the team scoured the most beautiful spots for two months bring back breathtaking images. Kilian Bron rides from the foot of the Fuego volcano the day before its historic eruption, to the colourful facades of Barrio Chualluma in La Paz, through the geological formations of the Valle de las Animas to an unforgettable meeting with the Cholitas Escaladoras.

2023, France, 7 min
Film maker:Pierre Henni, Kilian Bron
Focus:Mountain bike
Photo: JB Liautard
Photo: JB Liautard


Not your typical family holiday, but this is not your typical family. Leo Houlding, his wife Jess, their two children Freya (9yrs) and Jackson (5yrs) climb Norway’s national mountain via a 2,000 ft big wall.

2023, United Kingdom, 20 min
Filmmaker:Natasha Brooks, Leo Houlding
Focus:Climbing, Family
Photo: Natasha Brooks
Photo: Natasha Brooks


A story about a female fishing guide in the Adirondacks overcoming the hardships of battling cancer and losing her husband. She then takes a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Argentina where she is reignited with hope, passion, and life.

2022, USA, 12 min
Filmmaker:Max Erickson, Jared Zissu, Flylords, Fiska Media
Focus:Fly fishing

Photo: Courtesy Banff Mountain Festivals

Photo: Courtesy Banff Mountain Festivals


On the trail of nomadic peoples and the ancient Silk Roads, Thomas Delfino, accompanied by Léa Klaue and Aurélien Lardy, embark on an expedition to reach one of the most remote places on the continent. The Kokshaal-Too range is located in the Tian Shan mountain range, on the border of Kyrgyzstan and China, and harbors unexplored mountains and faces.

This skilled team, accompanied by renowned guides Hélias Millerioux and Jean-Yves Fredriksen, finds themselves propelled into a space where time seems to have suddenly come to a halt.

2023, France, 41 min
Filmmaker:Guillaume Broust, Picture Organic Clothing
Focus:Skiing, Expedition
Photo: Jeremy Bernard

Paus – intermission

Halvvägs har vi en paus på ca 20 minuter så du kan komma ut och hämta frisk luft, ta nåt att äta eller dricka. Ta tillfället i akt och prata med några av de utställare och partners som finns på plats


After having climbed the Eternal Flame route on Nameless Tower in Pakistan (6200m), French BASE jumpers Eric Jamet and Antoine Pecher combine the ascent with one of the most beautiful BASE jumps imaginable. Following in the footsteps of pioneer jumpers from 1990, the duo of friends devour adventure and all it offers, beauty, power and anxiety all contribute to the experience.

2023, Switzerland, 26 minBest Film Mountain Sports
Filmmaker:Nicolas Bossard, MS PROD
Focus:BASE jump, Alpinism
Photo: Courtesy Banff Mountain Festivals
Photo: Courtesy Banff Mountain Festivals


The Blondes, three strange animals. Who are they? What are they thinking? Are they naturally Blonde? A film highlighting the ski crew the Blondes through their friendship and adventures in skiing and in life.

2023, Canada, 9 min
Filmmaker:Clay Mitchell, Simon Shave, CK9 Studios
Photo: Anatole Tuzlac
Photo: Emily Childs


29-year-old French sport climber Seb Bouin has been quietly working his way through the elite grades, culminating in his attempt to establish a long pitch through an overhanging cave in the Verdon Gorge of France. His proposed line is so futuristic, the moves so improbable, that if Seb can put it all together it may be the most difficult route ever climbed.

2023, USA, 23 min
Filmmaker:Josh Lowell, Zachary Barr, Reel Rock
Focus:Sport Climbing
Photo: Courtesy Banff Mountain Festivals


Jean-Baptiste Chandelier takes his unique low-flying, ground-skimming art combining paragliding and filmmaking to a whole new level.

2023, France, 4 min
Filmmaker:Jean-Baptiste Chandelier, Marine Pascal, EURL JB Chandelier
Focus:Proximity flying
Photo: Courtesy Banff Mountain Festivals
Photo: Courtesy Banff Mountain Festivals

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