Film Festival Partner – Helsport

We enable people to enrich their experience by exploring multi-day adventure beyond their comfort zone.

Helsport was established in 1951 and, throughout the past 60 years, we’ve learned what it takes to make some of the best tent and sleeping bags in the world.

We developed our first sleeping bags in 1954, launched our first tent in 1957, and have shown innovation in our use of details, fabrics and other materials. We created the world’s first tunnel tent in 1970, and have since then set several international standards in development

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. With pride we can tell you that we received or first design award in 1968 and most recently in 2022. 

We like to say that Helsport is a safe choice. Not just because the products are high quality and tested by the best, but also because you can trust that we’ll be there for you through the entire lifecycle of the product. Nothing makes us happier than hearing stories about tents passed down through the generations, and still being used today. Helsport offers repairs, custom work and service at our facility in Trondheim.

Today, we are proud to introduce ourselves as Scandinavia’s leading tent and sleeping bag manufacturer!


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